Bright And Beautiful.jpg

Bright and Beautiful

by David Chafe, with Andrew Dale, Patrick Boyle, Shelley Neville, Mark House, Julia Halfyard, Sandy Morris, Christopher Bowman

Bright and Beautiful is my 2007 follow-up to It Is Well, and is another collection of more great, familiar, easy-listening gospel tunes. This one is more special to me because I decided to make it an all-duets album, in collaboration with many of my favourite Newfoundland musicians from the classical, folk, rock, jazz and gospel worlds. I thought it would make for a fascinating and energized program: me on piano with established musicians across generations and style, coming together to put their spin on these gospel favourites. I was awarded Gospel Artist of the Year for the second consecutive year for this special and unique project. 

These and all songs from Bright and Beautiful are available for purchase by emailing me at or on iTunes, or stream on Spotify